SennaFest : The first McLaren Ultimate Series Senna Festival : September 7-8, 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event and is it a McLaren event?


This is a private Senna owners event put on by owners and for owners. We have the support of McLaren and the Senna Foundation but this is not their event, however we expect participation from McLaren.

How much is it?


COTA is very expensive to rent along with insurance and meals, as well as coaches. Once we have all of the costs we will post registration details and pricing which will be non-refundable.

I have never driven on a race track before. Should I be nervous?


It is of course always better to have experience prior to coming to an F1 track like COTA. We suggest simulator work to get used to the flow and turns of COTA and some coaching at a local track to get you familiar with high speeds in your Senna. We will have coaches and run groups to make sure you get to run with people of similar abilities so you have fun every day!